8 Ball Jackets

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Many of you might have been attracted to the symmetrical patterns and vibrant colors that will be a total trend setter no matter what decade it is. The creator of the original line was Michael Hoban who came out with funky patterns and colors to revamp fashion in 1990, an era that dared to wear bold statement pieces. The ironic part of the popularity phase of 8 Ball jackets is how it is linked with cocaine. If you are unaware of how cocaine is referred to eight ball. A slang that caught on like wildfire and so did the brand. It became a part of urban fashion that united everyone leather lover. Thus, young adults were attracted towards the infamous 8 ball bomber style jacket being featured in music videos and tv series. Even though the design started as a meme, the youth was hooked on one eight. Pun intended!

However, success was short lived, but it is making back a strong in our daily life So, many leather jacket enthusiasts have already boarded the 8 ball vintage wagon. Be it the 8 ball leather jacket with fur hood, purple 8 ball jacket, or just the classic 8 ball coat, we can not get enough of the 90’s fashion. Old school or just old is gold? Especially something that was featured in Seinfeld is now rocked by university student. The Robert Phullipe 8 ball jacket is super fashion forward and trendy to be worn on any casual frat party on campus.

The 8 ball bomber jacket or 8 ball sweat suit are among the hot sellers, as they have been manufactured in premium quality fabrics to accentuate your silhouette, even in puffer style of the 8 ball bubble coat. They men’s and women’s 8 ball jackets have been lined with a soft inner lining to add to the durability, longevity, and comfort of your bold fashion choice. Craftsmanship is one thing Leather City takes great pride in, as we custom make your orders to appease your inner fashion diva. Thus, purchasing an 8 ball jacket in our sale price would not go over your monthly budget for fashion outwear.